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You have a business or a marketing client, and need a better online presence in order to attract new clients, but don’t really know where to start. Maybe you already have a website, but aren’t attracting enough visits or converting the visits you are getting. Or maybe, you need to start from scratch! Or you’re a larger company, with lots of visits and media investments – but you’re losing to your competitors in organic results, or in lead generation.

In these cases, SEO and Inbound Marketing can help – and I work with flexible methods and plenty of focus on results for all my clients, no matter what your investment or knowledge of digital marketing.

Why work with me?

How to work with me

I work with 3 general types of projects:

One Off – Are you developing a new site? Or just need a quick meeting with someone to analyze your site, so you can give your team better direction? These meetings can be done via Skype or in person, and we’ll study your site live, where I’ll give you ideas on how to develop your SEO, Inbound, or UX strategy. We can also take some of our chat back as “homework”, and work on a site audit. With this, I can present solutions to you in a report and manual, so you can use as a guide for implementation.

Continuous – Besides analysing your site or current project, here I’ll work as a project manager for you – developing your inbound strategy, accompanying implementations, training your team, and creating actionable reports – suggesting next steps – and following your site’s progress for a preset period of time, so your site will better perform online. For these projects, we work with a minimum 3 month contract – and maximum 2 years.

Classes and Lections – In company, conferences, and in schools – I’ve lectured to Google employees, multinational branding teams, and solopreneurs.  All classes are created and customized for the target audience’s necessities.