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Brazilian-based, digital marketing and travel professional, Polyana is committed to doing what she loves, and never wants to stop learning.

Polyana holds a bachelor’s degree in Global Business and Relations from Providence College, a major she designed herself, and after moving to Brazil, pursued an MBA certificate from BI Internaional, in Business Management and Innovation.

Her work experience has varied throughout the past 10 years, and helped her become a well-rounded, multi-potentialite individual and professional, who thinks and learns quickly and dynamically. Her work begain in non-profit and think tank administration and fundraising, to digital marketing once in Brazil, and has evolved into teaching and the travel industry.

She’s an entrepreneur in nature, continuously creating and executing new ideas and exploring her passions, always with a Pollyann-esque spirit, who works well on her own or as a team player.

This site will tell you a little bit about her background, and how to interact with or hire her, as well as contain posts with her thoughts on things she reads on the internet, and finds interesting.